Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to get a learner's permit?

Age 15.

What is the minimum age to get a driver's license?

Texas issues a driver license to people who are 16, have completed a driver education course, has their permit for 6 months and completed 30 hours of documented practice with a parent or guardian.

Is the student required to have a valid permit to take the drivers education course?

No. The student is not required to have a valid permit to start the course. The permit test will be given during the classroom portion of the course.

What happens if my child has to be absent?

A student can miss up to 5 classes. These classes do have to be made up. We hold makeup classes frequently.

My student is nervous, has high anxiety, is dyslexic, mildly autistic, etc.

Not to worry! Our instructors are patient and understanding of new drivers. All instructors have a background in education, are public or private school teachers with training in a variety of areas including special education, and are able to meet the needs of our students.

Do we use our own car?

No, 3A provides the vehicles and all are equipped with an "instructor brake" on the passender side of the vehicle.

Is there a registration fee to sign up for the course?

Yes, a registration fee of $50. Is required to reserve a spot in a class.

Can I make payments for the course?

Yes, we do accept payments for the course. We also accept all major credit cards.

I play sports and work, how will I get my behind the wheel training completed?

We will work around any schedule. Remember, the state requires a person to have a permit for a minimum of six months. We will be scheduling your driving times over several months. With that amount of time, most people are able to do the 7 driving times without too much trouble.